Queer Radio Sydney 89.3fm 20DEC17

I tried to keep the lines of communication open but this year has been a challenge my original idea to keep the program together has really backfired on me as we do not work together we very rarely communicate with each other and my idea of a program to support the community and community organisations and work together as one has not really taking place this year with that said I’ve decided that I will not be continuing with the program Queer Radio Sydney 89.3fm I will not be returning to the studio in 2018 as part of Queer Radio Sydney.  I will reapply for a new program in February and we’ll see what happens !?  I’d like to wish you the team all the best in the future if you continue to do the program QRS but I’ll leave that up to Fifi Fo’Fum , Pandora Box or Nikki Facchine if they chooses to re apply for the program in February 2018 Which finishes on the last Monday 25th March 2018 They need to work it out between them  if they  wish to keep the program going but I no longer want to be part of QRS as it all become a little messy,, too much politics ,, I am sick of being let down by the team,, I’m sick of being the only one to promote & paid to promote the program that was supposed to be a team effort. I apologise but I think it’s better for the future and better for me if the opportunity comes up I will  be back in 2018 with my own shower :

Bj Gaddes aka Beverly Buttercup 20th Dec 2017.