“I Am What I Am”, Mardi Gras Party In 1988, Richard Wherrett presented, for the first time at a Mardi Gras party, the classic show “I Am What I Am”. In 1998, Richard brought to life “I Am What I Am” once again. In 2008, everything old is new again. 20 years after its first production, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mardi Gas, “I Am What I Am” will be given a touch of the naugties as it is reinvented one more time. At ??am the stage of the RHI will be graced with 6 lead drag performers: Chelsea Bun, Amelia Airhead, Candy Box, Kitty Glitter, Christy McNicol and Tess Tickle’ and a chorus of 40 drag and transgender stars. Never before has the RHI stage been filled to capacity with such a dazzling array of DIVA award winners; and with a stage filled with Sydney’s amazing showgirls, each of them used to the spotlight, you can guarantee that the costumes will exceed expectations. For a number of the showgirls, including Colleen Windsor, Christy McNicol, Ashley Swift, Cindy Pastel, Miss 3D, Maxi Shield, Beverly Buttercup, Melicious D’amage, Produced by Penny Clifford and choreographed by Minnie Cooper, this will be a show NOT to be missed. SEE YOU AT THE PARTY………………

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