So it’s that time of the year again. the time of the year where we get to “Say Something”. What an appropriate theme for the upcoming Mardi Gras. This year I celebrate my 16th year as participating in the parade. So it’s come time for me to make a change and do something different. With my partner in crime LayDee KinMee (a Mardi Gras virgin), this year will see me becoming media correspondent for both Guide to Gay Dot Com and Queer Out West 89.3FM.  We will be conducting interviews at the starting area and throughout the parade and party, so come along and say Hi, have your photos with us, and “Say Something” into the microphone that we can share with our community.

One thought on “MARDI GRAS PARADE & PARTY 05 MAR 11

  1. Thank God it’s all over for another year . Blisters on my balls from hair removal cream ,blisters on my bum from my dress, now time to recover, edit my interviews for the radio show and relax before returning to work on Wednesday omfg .. All the photos are up now have a look and leave a comment.. Ps thank you to everybody than help me , you know who you were thank u xxoo

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