4 thoughts on “MARDI GRAS – PARADE & PARTY – SAT 07 MARCH 09

  1. Hey B – we all got a kick when we saw you flash up on 10 news as the closing face of mardi gras on Sunday night 08 mar . Love Tracey x

  2. gday ms buttercup. how was your mardi gras? i have no voice and my legs hurt from danceing so much. lol have we met b4? you were at the shift friday night? i appologise if we did meet then as i was very drunk and stupidly accepting double shots from my mates. was obviouse i dont drink at all…. i have a feeling i should thank you for something? hope to hear from you. hugs*

  3. i try to say hi to u lasted night and u walk off before the parade started i was going to get some pics of u lol any way see u soon

  4. Hey there, just a small note, I was watching Mardi Gras on tv last nite and have 2 say how wonderful u look, I t was weird 2 know your name via Face book but 2 see u on tv, it felt like i know a famous person, anyho i know u won’t get this note for at least a couple of days or so (if u had a camp nite) but if u see me on line just don’t be afraid 2 say hello -jessie mae

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