heys guys just letting you know that I will no longer be going into the studio every Monday Night.. As of this week, I will only be going into the studio on the 2nd and 4th Mondays and perhaps the 5th, as the whole thing isn’t fun for me anymore. I do not appreciate being yelled at for simply being myself. I’m sorry but i cannot help who I am – that is a big mouthed Drag Queen from Western Sydney. It is becoming all too stressful, and as you are aware it is communty and we are not paid to give up our time to organise interviews. The studio should be informative and still fun also, but it hasn’t been that lately. Many changes have taken place since December 2009 when we celebrated 7 years of the current format of QOW.. With many new presenters coming in to provide variety, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have helped take the show on a new direction. So for now I am going to take a step back and see what will take place.. Paul will produce the show on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, with Partner in crime Gracie Lou and guest. I will produce and take responsibilities for the 2nd and 4th Monday with presenters Matt Vaughan and Ida Slapda on the 2nd, and LayDee KinMee and Aleks Smith on the 4th. Aleks Smith will produce the night on the 5th Monday with LayDee KinMee and special guest. It will continue like this until further notice. All correspondance to QOW should go to A big thank you to every body. PS: A big thank you to my friend Maxi, who has been doing the show every Monday for the past 6 years from Stonewall Hotel in the city.

4 thoughts on “IMPORTANT NEWS – 20 JULY 10

  1. Well bev i wont be listeng to radio any more when u arnt on they cant run a brothel good juck what ever u do i wil listen to my friend show queer noise friday nites take care

  2. Hi Bev, sorry to hear you’re limiting your schedule for the program. I totally understand where you’re coming from though. YOU try to be yourself and others find that “gap” to think it’s their right to start tearing you down. I’ve been there and and let it happen. I walked away from it all – the entertainment world – I totally gave up on my dance career. and found ME again. Now looking back over my past career as a professional dancer. I’ve looked at those that crapped all over me… They’ve gone nowhere and I went everywhere. You WILL find YOU again and a new direction. without you (and the original radio cast) there was no QOW. You built it. So stay with it as long as you can. Here’s a great idea. give yourself a year by writing a bloody good drag show (keep it to yourself) and then show ’em all. DO it DO it DO it. 6 in drag and two boys. and don’t find a place where your dancers have to dance on a shoe box stage. Darg is over the top and so should the stage. cheers Rob

  3. Hey girl! I loved the radio show last week, it was camp, informative, over the top and a delight to listen. With last night’s show, however, you sounded drained. As if all your energy had been zapped. And, I might be out of line here, but, Gracie did sound condescending to your reaction of the column. Moving on, I hope you’re well. Take care. Dizzy xo

  4. Hey bev … sorry to hear the team is splitting : ( i dont know the reasons, but i hope all remains ok for you all … also letting you know that I am always happy to lend a hand via the queen when ever you need, just as I do with joy fm 🙂 xx Hope all is well! Troy♠

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