HEAVEN Presents: ”Frocked Up #2” – 11JAN13.

Heaven Presents: ”  Frocked Up #2 ”  So You Think You’ve Got Talent. Hosted By: Felicity Frockaccino  + Special Guest Judges.. * When: Sat 11th Jan 2014, * Where: The Northmead  Bowling Club, 166 Windsor Rd , Northmead , Sydney . * From: 7:30pm – 12:30am  * Entry: $10  * Shows: 9:30pm & 10:30pm. * Music: DJ Shaft  * Spot/Light: Mark * Photographer: Arran Ch. www.heavensocialdance.com


The first Show 9:30pm Will Be Meet & Greet & Questions From The  Judges in Evening wear or Casual wear.. In the second show 10:30pm you will  perform 1 Spot (No Longer than 3:00Min) you will Be judged on Performance, dress & personality (each section is out of 10 points) P.S It Is a Non-professional Talent Quest For Drag Queen’s or Drag King’s  Performance from Western Sydney/Regular Patriots Only. To Enter Simply SMS  Your Performing Name & Number to 0433 232425