HEAVEN 7th Birthday & Haven Charity Night 12JULY14.

HEAVEN 7th Birthday/Haven Charity Night.

 Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup, Geoff Field, Pandora Box .

 Featuring : Portia Turbo , Lola Del Arte ,  Wilhemina Scott , Eliza Downe , Lucy Furr , Felicity Frockaccino, Fifi Fo’Fum, Tina Bella , Coco Foxx , Lena Ova’Backwardz , Delilah Von Tramp  &  Singing Live, LayDee KinMee, Sandy Bottom , Koko D’vyne . When : Sat 12th July 2013.  Where: The Northmead Bowling Club. 166 Windsor Rd , Northmead..

From: 7:30pm – 1:00 am.  Shows: 9 , 10 , 11pm. Entry: $15.00. D.J: Shaft .

 All proceeds from  the night (after initial costs)  going to 

The Western Suburbs Haven


The Haven 9672 3600 , Bev (Co-odinator) 0433 232425.

 SPONSORED BY: Guide To Gay  & K2Media.

2 thoughts on “HEAVEN 7th Birthday & Haven Charity Night 12JULY14.

  1. Well thank you thank you thank you to all concerned with our 7th Birthday party. We raised over $2200 for The Western Suburbs Haven. Thank you to our hosts Beverly Buttercup, Geoff Field, LayDee KinMee and Pandora Box. Thank you to the following performers: Felicity Frockaccino, Lena Ova’Backwardz , Tina Bella, Fifi Fo Fum , Sheneeds Amore, Eliza Downe, Sandy Bottom, Koko D’Vyne, Lola Del Arte, Coco Foxx, Lucy Furr, Wilhemina Scott, and 2 surprise guests Portia Turbo and Delilah Von Tramp. Thank you to Graham Baker for the music. We had a massive night and it was great to see regulars and also some people we have not seen for ages. Remember we can only continue these nights with your support. Thank you all again and we will see you all at the next dance. Love Beverly’Buttercup, Gracie Lou and Ian Stumbles xoxox

  2. SHOW 1 at 9PM (Host Beverly)
    Beverly Buttercup
    Felicity Frockaccino
    Lena Ova’Backwardz
    Delilah Von Tramp
    Tina Bella

    SHOW 2 at 10PM (Host Pandora / Geoff)
    Pandora Box (Singing)
    Fifi Fo Fum
    Sheneeds Amore
    Malicious DÁmage
    Eliza Downe
    Sandy Bottom (Singing)

    SHOW 3 at 11PM (Host Pandora / Geoff)
    Koko D’Vyne ( Singing)
    Wilhelmina Scott
    Lola Del Arte
    Coco Foxx
    Lucy Furr
    Laydee KinMee (singing)
    LayDee , Sandy , Koko , Pandora (Group Number / All Performances ? )

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