4th Birthday Party & ACON Charity Night – 25 Jun 11 HEAVEN Social Dance .

When : Sat 25th Jun 2011 .. Where: The Northmead Bowling Club . 166 windsor Rd , Northmead . (18+)

From: 8:30pm – 2:00am  * Shows: 9:30pm , 10:30pm , 11:30pm & 12:30am *

Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup – Polly Petrie – Sandy Bottom – Christina Dior.

Featuring :  Gracie Lou , LayDee KinMee , Sue Pernatural , Lola DelÁrte , Ida Slapda , Melicious D’amage , Ophelia Shaft , Marcia Monterey , Wilhemina Scott , Jessica Grabbit , Sheneeds Amore , Marilyn Mootrub , Antonio Mantonio , Bradi Alexander .

Entry: $10.00 Charity Night Only   * Music/D.J : Danz Mobile D.J.

*All proceeds from the door will be distributed to various GLBT organisations through ACON West *.

Media Sponsored : Sydney Star Observer   Also Sponsored By: t.b.c

2 thoughts on “4th BIRTHDAY PARTY & ACON CHARTY NIGHT 25 JUN 11

  1. Hello All,
    I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping to make our 4rd annual charity night the most successful one yet! With everyone’s help we raised over $2,263.65 for ACON West who will now distribute these funds amongst GLBT organisations in Sydney’s west. A special thank you to Sydney Star Observer, ACON West, Gay Adult Matchmaker, Charmed procuction , Candy Box and The Northmead Bowling Club – without whom it would not have been possible to hold and promote the night. To each performer – we thank you for bringing camp entertainment to our patrons and donating your time to make it such a special and exciting night. We hope to see you all at our next dance on August 27th for another great event! Our most sincere thanks and warmest regards; Beverly Founder/Co-ordinators Heaven Social Dance

  2. Hello all,

    Thank you very much for donating your time to perform at our charity night this year for our 4th Birthday Party and ACON Charity Night on Saturday the 25th June 11.
    To avoid double ups, please email, facebook or text your song choices to Beverly ASAP.

    * All spots should be no longer than 3.5 minutes.
    * The only people allowed to be backstage at any time are the performers in the show.
    * The only people allowed in the dressing room (board room) at any time are to be the performers in the show.
    * All music for the shows is to be ready and available at least 30 minutes prior to each show.
    * All performers or people working on the night (i.e. DJ, lighting, door staff, sponsors) will be given free entry. Given it is a charity night – no other people will be given free entry

    Running Order:

    9:30pm Show
    Host: Beverly Buttercup
    1. Polly Petrie
    2. Marilyn Mootrub
    3. Jessica Grabbit
    4. Brandi Alexander
    5.Ida/Lola/LayDee – Cést La Vie

    10:30pm Show
    Host: Polly Petrie
    1. Sandy Bottom
    2. Victoria Falls
    3. Antonio Mantonio
    4. Lola Del Arte
    5. Christine/Ophelia

    11:30pm Show
    Host: Sandy Bottom
    1. Christina Dior
    2. LayDee KinMee – He Taught Me To Yodel
    3. Wilhemina Scott
    4. Melicious DÁmage
    5. Sue/Gracie/Brett

    12:30am Show
    Host: Christina Dior
    1. Beverly Buttercup – I Am What I Am
    2. Sheneeds Amore
    3. Marcia Monterey – Diamonds Are Forever
    4. Ophelia Shaft
    5. Melicious/LayDee – No More Tears

    Thank you, BB

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