HEAVEN Presents: ”Frocked Up” – 19JAN13.

Heaven Social Dance Presents: ” Frocked Up ”   Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup + Special Guest Judges… WHERE:  The Northmead Bowling Club 166 Windsor Rd , Northmead. When: 19 January 2013. TIME: 8PM -1AM ENTRY: $10:00.  SHOWS at 10pm & 11:30pm.  MUSIC: DJ Shaft . For Info : Beverly Buttercup (sms only) 0433 232425.  HEAVEN SUPPORTETED BY: www.starobserver.com.au    www.charmedproductions.com

2 thoughts on “HEAVEN Presents: ”Frocked Up” – 19JAN13.

  1. Wow what a night at Heaven on the 19Jan. Thank you to firstly all the people that came @150 people, the judges Gracie Lou, Charisma Belle, Steven Melicious Hatfield, The contestants Eliza Downe (1st), Danger Del ray (2nd), Eva Fury (3rd), Reece Green, Venus d’Luna and Tina Bella. Mark Commodore for the door, Glen for the lights and camera and Graham Baker Ophelia Shaft (DJ). The ones that didn’t get a place will receive ongoing spots at Heaven and Kaleidoscope. Again thank you to all the patrons, bar staff. It was great to see so many people. Please don’t forget Kaleidoscope on 2nd February and if we have forgotten anybody Thank You. Love Beverly, Gracie and Ian xoxox

  2. TERMS & CONDITIONS: (1) The winner will take home $100 + two paid gigs at Heaven (valued 2x$50).. & (2) The Runner-Up will take home $50 And Receive 2 Paid Gigs at Kaleidoscope (valued 2x$50) (3) TheThind RuingAnd Receive 2 Paid Gigs at Kaleidoscope (valued 2x$50)..The first Show 10pm Will Be Meet & Greet & Questions From The Judges in Evening Wear/Casual wear.. In the second show 11:30pm you will perform 1 Spot (No Longer than 3:30Min) you will Be judged on Performance, dress & personality (each section is out of 10 points) P.S You cannot enter if you are in an ongoing paid show . It Is a Non-professional Talent Quest For Performance (Drag Queens/Kings) Leaving in Western Sydney Only . To Enter Simply SMS Your Performing Name & Number to 0433 232425 By Dec 19th 2012. * TIME: 8pm -1am * ENTRY: $10:00 * SHOWS AT 10pm & 11pm * MUSIC: DJ Shaft . * For Info : Contact Beverly (sms only) 0433 232425 * http://www.heavensocialdance.com

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