PopUP Drag @ Heaven 10AUG19

Heaven Social Dance Presents: PopUp Drag UPsized

at Mounties Bowling Club – Fairfield
Hosted By : Dixie Normous
(1) Delilah Von Mantrap. (2) Mimi Heavens 3nd.  (3) Lotta Glitta = 1st.  (4)  Hammo  (5) Wolf = 2rd .  (6) Lisa Achford

Terms and conditions: * Limited to 6 acts only. * Open to drag kings and queens. * Free entry to all participating entrants. * 3 minute time limit. * All contestants need to prepare 2 spots – 1 spot for the 9pm show and the TOP 3 place getters will perform a 2nd spot in the 10pm Show. * Winners are voted by the audience, so bring your friends ! 

Prizes: 1st $100 CASH – 2nd $60 CASH – 3rd $40 CASH
(Please note that cash will be handed out at the conclusion of the 2nd show)
To Register your interest in popup drag  sms 0433232425


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