Subject: LATEST UPDATE – MEDIA RELEASE – HEAVEN Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 Hello All, In our last ‘News Flash’ we were pleased to let you know that we had locked in a new venue – the Parramatta Golf Club – with verbal confirmation from the Club Manager that we could start on January 31st, 2009 with a set function fee. Following our advertising, new fliers and media releases confirming our move to the Parramatta Golf Club, the Club have now advised Heaven Social Group, that all new events commencing post 01/01/09 will now be charged a $500 function fee per booking plus the cost of two security guards (approximately $250 each), making the booking a total of over $1000! This is not only three (3) times the original verbally agreed function fee for the venue, but also a further $500 for security guards. We will therefore no longer be relocating to the Parramatta Golf Club. How kind however the Club will not be imposing these new costs for the all girls night dolphins, as it is an already established night. We have informed the Club (again) that Heaven Social Group is a non profit group that fundraisers for charity, and we simply cannot afford these costs. The Club Manager advised that the Board was already aware of this, and that the new fees would not be reduced. It is very disheartening that a Club that has made tens of thousands of dollars off the GLBT community through Castaways and Dolphins for over 11 years, is now taking this attitude. Personally, I am so disgusted that they are not prepared to stand by their verbal commitment to our Group, that I have advised Rita who runs Dolphins at the Parramatta Golf Club, that I will not be returning to the Club to perform, as I will not support a Club that will not support the GLBT community in its entirety. As we believe Heaven Social Group is an integral part of the outer western Sydney GLBT scene, and the only night left that actively fundraisers for charities, our fight for a new venue is not over. Following the devastating news from the Parramatta Golf Club, we have started looking for another alternate venue, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will keep you informed of our progress, and still hope to launch on January 31st, 2009! In the meantime – it is time to stand up for yourself as a GLBT member, and choose to support those who support the GLBT community. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Heaven, including the Sydney Star Observer, The Western Suburbs Haven, Matt Vaughan from ACON, Tim from Acacia’s Catering and everyone else for their kind words of support. All future letters of support can be send to and cc in We wish you all well, and we look forward to bringing back Heaven in the New Year. Kindest regards, Beverly Buttercup & Gracie Lou Heaven Social Group


  1. As a patron of Heaven,Dolphins, Diamond & Pearls and other venues in western Sydney it is disheartening to see venues closes one after the other due to various reasons. I will continue to support Heaven where ever they may find a home, and I wish them all the best in this, however I am sorry to say to Dolphins, now, that I will not return there as I choose no not support a club that has no self respect or honor. As a salesperson when a verbal agreement is entered into it must be honored. To the Parramatta Golf Club, I look upon your club with sorrow, as this kind of attitute can lead to your doors being closed, as more and more of your patrons, like myself, say goodbye.

  2. Hello Bev, Well stuff me, what a shitfight, i cannot believe that the club has done this to Heaven and i also for one will not support the club any longer. I was going to come up last night and see you perform but something came up and i couldnt make it, i gather you did still perform last night and probably only found all this out last night. May i say my thoughts are with you all and i am sure you will find an alternative venue which will be bigger and better than the Parramatta Golf Club. If you need help with anything please let me know by email or by phone and i will be very happy to do what i can. Love to you and all of you. Ian

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