KALEIDOSCOPE SOCIAL DANCE , Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup.
Guest Performers: Brandi Alexander , LayDee KinMee + Sheneeds Amore
When: Saturday, 7th January
Where: Parramatta Golf Club, Park Parade Parramatta
(5 minute walk from Westmead Railway Station)
Time: 8:30pm – 1:30am * Entry: $10.00 * Shows 10:30pm & 11:30pm
Kaleidoscope is a non for profit   organisation
with all all proceeds (after initial costs) going to ACON West.
website: www.kaleidoscopesocialdance.com


  1. To Beverly,
    just a quick message in regards to the kaleidoscope social dance- is that different from the dolphin dance club. I have already attended the dolphin dance club in the past which mainly consisted of lesbians as I felt like a fish out of water. Afterall I am a gay male. as i have found over the years there is not much catering for those living out in the south western sydney area- it is frustrating trying to meet people socially and daunting moreso with the responses received by some. this is a real shame or should that be a disgrace. i apologise for whinging but wish to speak my mind because everytime i do make an effort in locating a social outlet/group it backfires. anyway thank you for your time and all the best. regards, Stephen.

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