KALEIDOSCOPE 4th Birthday Party 07JUN14.

 Queen’s Birthday & Kaleidoscope 4th Birthday Party
Present : ” Queen’s Of Country ”
A special production show 1 Night Only.
 By: LayDee KinMee  & Ophelia Shaft , Marilyn Mootrub.
When: Saturday June 07th 2014 (Long Weekend)
Where: Parramatta Golf Club, Park Parade Parramatta.
Time: 7:30pm – 12:30am. Entry: $15.00   DJ: Shaft .  Shows: 10 & 11pm. Spot/Light: Mark  Camera: Arran.  Bistro : 7-10pm.  Videoing: Lawrie     www.kaleidoscopesocialdance.com

Please Note : All proceeds from the night after initial cost will go to keeping kaleidoscope running & a new spotlight.